Homework 9/29

  • Chloe (and Olumide if you are feeling better!) has Current Events tomorrow on a topic of her choice.  Remember, bring in a one paragraph summary of the article as well as the newspaper clipping of the website that you took your information from.  Good luck!


Spelling Quiz #1 tomorrow!!  See previous blog posts for the words.

  • Students are expected to know the proper spelling and definitions of the words.
  • I will also check that they have the definitions written in their Reader’s Notebooks, a classwork assignment from earlier this week (it should mostly be done already)


Reading– 35 minutes in your independent book, fill out your logs and get them initialed

Remember, keep track of what you are reading using Post-It notes (if you don’t have any you can use your Reader’s notebook), any interesting/exciting parts, troubling words, parts you may want to share w/ the class during reading time, etc.

Math– none

Writing– Comic Strip/Story Bird activity due tomorrow!

  • Remember, I am also collecting the essay that you used as inspiration for your illustrations.  Please be sure to follow the two rubrics and directions that I handed out and posted on the blog the other day.  Everything, all of the expectations for the assignment are detailed on those handouts so you know exactly what it takes to get a great score.  I am really looking forward to this after seeing how well we did with our Social Studies ‘clay-making’ activity today! 🙂

(Chloe, I have your ‘What I Treasure Most’ prompt w/ me, so no worries about that)


Social Studies previously I assigned students to complete the four vocabulary words for Chapter 1, Lesson 3.  We will complete the notes during class tomorrow and the review questions (and anything you don’t finish) will be homework over the weekend.  For tonight, though, you have no history assignment.






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