Homework 9/30

  • Tiffany and Michael Boateng have Current Events on Monday!  Remember, I need to see a one paragraph summary of the article of your choosing as well as the newspaper/magazine clipping or website.  Thanks!


Social Studies 5S & 5L– Chapter 1, Lesson 3, Early Hunters & Gatherers, pgs. 30-37

Complete the following for Monday (if not already completed, I know some students in my class misread the instructions and completed this assignment before today)….PLEASE LABEL YOUR PAPER PROPERLY AT THE TOP AS IT IS WRITTEN HERE. 

  • vocabulary (4 words)
  • your 3+ notes per purple section (12+ notes minimum), label each section please
  • Review questions #1-5 on pg. 37

ALSO, complete…

  • an additional Latitude & Longitude worksheet, one-sided.  I noticed a few students had some trouble with this and so I want to ensure that students are comfortable w/ the material as we move forward into the next quarters when we begin our Map Making Project. (see the above blog post for a download link)

We will have our Test sometime late next week or early the week after…we will review the next couple of class sessions and the students will receive a complete list of notes so they are fully prepared for the exam.

  • 5L – we will begin our clay-making activity next week, we will use our clay to design and paint early human civilization artifacts.  Also, if you have not handed in all of your work up until this point, make sure you do so by Monday.  


Math 5A Workbook pgs. 50-51

5A Enrichment double-sided worksheet

  • Chapter 2, Whole Number Multiplication & Division, pgs. 9-10….there are about 4 problems on the worksheet that require order of operations; we didn’t necessarily go over that this year but the kids said they have in the past.  Remember, you solve your math in this order: Parentheses, Exponents -and then in the order of appearance left to right – Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.
  • The rest of the puzzle should be easier to solve as it uses skills we have reviewed this year.



Students can compose a 5 paragraph essay on a topic and genre of their choosing.  It doesn’t have to be a narrative- I am encouraging students to write whatever interests them this weekend.  What makes you happy makes me happy!  Since these essays will be something of your choice, be ready to share them on Monday w/ the class or a partner 🙂

Remember, HAVE FUN!


Reading– 35 minutes, logs, initials, will be checked Monday

Remember, keep track of what you are reading using Post-It notes (if you don’t have any you can use your Reader’s notebook), any interesting/exciting parts, troubling words, parts you may want to share w/ the class during reading time, etc.


Science– Volume 2: pages 613-623


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