Homework 10/31

5S Current Events

  • Jace- Tuesday
  • Josh- Wednesday
  • Aniyah- Thursday
  • Zya- Friday


Math– one-sided worksheet, word problems

  • We will have a Chapter 2 Review in class before moving onto Chapter 3, Fractions, this week.  We’ve been on the Chapter 2 material for a while now so this is a good time to move on.


Writing– continue working on the final draft of your narratives due on Wednesday.  You may type your final draft, I will also be collecting the graphic organizers that you worked on this weekend.  If you don’t have the organizer, you will lose some credit.  


Reading– 35 minutes, logs

Complete 2 prompts of your choosing for your ‘writing about reading’ in thorough detail.  Make sure that you date and label your notebook paper each evening.  You should write a little bit for every chapter, keep track of the plot, character developments, and any other exciting/interesting passages that you might want to share w/ your group during Book Clubs.  PLAN WITH YOUR CLUB, don’t read ahead of them!

  • The Matilda and Cricket in Times Square groups, please finish your books and reflections and bring them in tomorrow so we can return them and get a new selection for our clubs.  If you don’t have a book club book this evening, you may do your ‘writing about reading’ using your independent book instead.  


Social Studies– we started and completed this mostly in class today, so it is all due on Wednesday…

Complete Social Studies, Chapter 2, Lesson 3, pgs. 66-71, make sure your notebooks are dated and properly labeled.

  • Vocabulary
  • (3+ notes per section)
  • Review Questions (#s 1, 3, 4, 5, 7)


Students will receive the instructions for our Chapter 2 project during next class session.


Homework 10/28

  • Hi, I’m off to the doctors now so I’ll update this when I get back, I just wanted to make sure that I had something up for 5.  The grade book will be updated by Sunday so you can make one last push to make up any missing assignments from October before November 3rd.  Thanks!


Writing– FINAL NARRATIVE ESSAY DUE on Wednesday, November 2nd.  This will be our final graded narrative for the marking period before we move onto a new concept…please do your best work as I am going to compare this piece to your first efforts in order to check for growth and understanding!

For this weekend, you only have to complete the graphic organizer for the essay and the organizer for the character traits.

Fill out the graphic organizer in thorough detail for Monday.  Use both sides of the organizer if you have to!  I want the entire organizer filled up with ideas!  

Fill out your Character Traits organizer for Monday as well.  This represents the main character (which is YOU since it is a personal narrative), however, you can also use this for other people, i.e. your supporting characters.


Math-  5A Textbook, page 102, complete 3 of the following 4 problems (#3, 4, 5, or 6).  We may have done these before but now you can apply bar modeling to work out the problems.  That’s what I’ll be looking for on Monday!



  • Complete the Point of View- Who Is Telling the Story?  worksheet for Monday.

DOWNLOAD– Point of View- Who is Telling the Story?


If you completed your Book Club book but did not use the prompts to reflect upon your reading last night, please do so over the weekend.  (see homework from 10/27 for the prompts, students were to complete 4 of the 9 that I posted, about a page worth of information).

For students in the Big Wave group, please read your independent novel this weekend and ‘write about reading’.  Either way, I expect EVERYONE to read for 35 minutes each night and to fill out your new reading logs for November.  I will attach a copy of it below.

Use the two notes sheets that I gave you to help you with your ‘writing about reading’ – one notes sheet gives you more prompt ideas while the other is an image of a 5th grade students notebook and how they organized their own thoughts.  Use these notes to help inspire you, to help give you a better idea of the expectations for this long-term assignment.

  • 35 minutes of reading each night, fill out a new log for November, copy is posted below.


DOWNLOAD – reading-log-sample

Social Studies– Make sure that the following is submitted.  These assignments are past due and should already have been completed.  The grade book will be updated by Sunday so if you don’t see a grade for this work by then, you did not submit it.

  • Catal Huyuk Web Quest
  • Neolithic Revolution worksheet
  • Chapter 2, Lesson 1, 10+ notes AND vocabulary


Homework 10/27

Math– Common Core Workbook (new workbook given out today),

  • Lesson 1, Evaluating Numerical Expressions, pgs. 6-9 (the first couple pages are notes)

Miss Serrano came in today to teach the students the section about bar-modeling…she will also be in tomorrow to complete the lesson.  In the meantime, please work on the first Chapter in your new Common Core Coach Math workbooks, pgs. 6-9.  Evaluating expressions is another term for using PEMDAS so apply what we’ve been learning in class to complete the problems.

This website above has some instructional videos on all types of bar modeling if students need extra practice.


Reading– 35 minutes, logs and initials and ‘writing about reading’ for full credit.

Continue reading your book club books, be sure to keep track of key information using Post-It notes as well as choose a clean sheet (every night) in your Reader’s Notebook to complete your ‘writing about reading’ assignment.  Remember to properly date and label your work so we know exactly what it is.  If you are struggling to write down your thoughts independently, you can choose one of the 40 prompts on the Literary Prompts handout you’ve been using.

Students that finished their books already, please complete 4 of the following prompts for Homework (we started this in class today, they should almost be done)…

  • Prompts 30-36 and 39-40 (complete 4 out of these 9 prompts in your Reader’s notebooks, complete sentences for each one, each answer a few sentences long…

Be sure to answer the questions by thinking critically about the text and applying what you know.  Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think!

  • Spelling Quiz #4 and definitions due tomorrow!  (scroll down for words)


Writing– none (we are currently learning about first and third person perspective, there will be a short assignment on this tomorrow)


Social Studies– complete the following for Monday

  • Read Parallel Timelines worksheet
  • Chapter 2, Lesson 2, Forming Complex Societies, pg. 56, vocabulary and 3+ notes per section (at least 12 total)

Homework 10/26

  • Current Events– Paislee goes tomorrow for 5S and Kiara goes on Friday.


Writing- the scripts for your Final Narrative Play are due tomorrow.

PLEASE WRITE YOUR PLAY IN SCRIPT FORM LIKE I HAVE SHOWN YOU.  Too many students are doing their own thing and it simply will not work for a variety of reasons.  Be sure to write everyone’s lines one after the other, i.e.

  • Jace
  • Clare
  • Jace
  • Johari
  • Jace
  • Clare
  • etc…

We can then make copies of your script to distribute to the other actors in y our play.  They will know which lines are coming up, when they should speak, and what actions they should be doing to satisfy the narrator/setting.

Do not write each person’s role out on notecards, that’s not what we are doing in class!  Thanks!


Most students didn’t complete the attached assignment below…it wasn’t just a worksheet, there was a writing prompt that was due today that went along with it.   Remember, the questions on the worksheet can be used for your body paragraphs.

  • Only complete a 4-5 paragraph essay for one prompt, not both.  Include our strategies and hi-lite/underline any uses of similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and/or personification.

DOWNLOADWriting Quotes worksheet, prompts 23-24


Reading– continue reading your book club books for tomorrow (if you’re already done, be sure to have notes to discuss with your group tomorrow).  Tomorrow, I will be checking your ‘writing about reading’ notes for yesterday, 10/25, and tonight, 10/26.

  • Please answer prompt #20 for homework in complete sentences.  Remember to write enough to satisfy the answer to the question AND to help you express your thoughts on the subject.

DOWNLOADbook-club-prompts-use-in-class  (students should already have a copy of this as we’ve been using it for a while)

  • Remember, your Spelling Quiz #4 is on Friday and the definitions should be properly labeled and written out in your Reader’s Notebooks . Thanks!



Math- parentheses and exponents worksheet (we will proceed with bar modeling word problems tomorrow as we did very well w/ the PEMDAS skill today)


Social Studies– be sure to hand in any missing Chapter 2, Lesson 1 assignments…

  • your 10+ notes on the material
  • the vocab and definitions
  • complete the Catal Huyuk Web Quest worksheet


Scholastic Book Fair

….is this week!  If you would like to provide your child with $ to purchase books directly, by all means you may do so.  If not, I always receive flyers in the mail from Scholastic that we can use in order to earn points/rewards which can earn our class free books!

Keep an eye out for these forms as I will put them in the mailboxes to be brought home.  I get new ones almost every week so I won’t overload you with these order forms, I just want you to be aware that they are available and can be used to support our students 🙂

Thanks as always.

Homework 10/25

Writing– continue working on the script for your play.  See the notes from the picture over the weekend.

Remember, be sure that you add enough lines of dialogue to the script so that it is between 5-10 minutes long and has at least 4 roles/parts.  Also, be sure to include an opening narration to provide setting and context.  You may have other areas where a narrator speaks, if you have a scene change, for example, but having more than one is up to you.

  • Act I– introduction
  • Act II– body, conflict
  • Act III– resolution

Finally, what is the message behind your personal narrative, what do you want our lower school students to learn from this?  What is the overall point you are trying to make?  


Social Studies– complete your Web Quest that we started in class today…an extra copy will be posted below.



Reading– 35 minutes tonight in your BOOK CLUB book.  Some students left their novels in school again so it will be extremely difficult to prepare for your conversation with your group-members tomorrow.  If you don’t have the correct book, please write about your independent novel instead (writing about reading)


Spelling Quiz #4 (definitions due on Friday)

  1. surprise
  2. remain
  3. receive
  4. impossible
  5. hesitate
  6. invisible
  7. gullible
  8. frequent
  9. function
  10. specific



5S Class Parent (still needed…)

Hi, so it has come to my attention that no one has volunteered yet to be a class parent for our wonderful students.

Thankfully, Kai Bryant’s mother from 5L was gracious enough to reach out over the past few days to offer her assistance in this regard, but in all honesty, while I of course value her offer, I think it would be in the best interest of our student’s if someone from our class, 5S, stepped up as class parent so that anything our students need, supplies, etc. can be coordinated appropriately and within house.

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that this is still a pressing need and an area of great concern and a position that we are desperate to have filled sooner than later as we have a handful of activities to coordinate moving forward.

If for whatever reason no one in our class, 5S, feels up to it, I guess Mrs. Bryant can assist both classes or I’ll just do it myself.  

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up via the blog because I know that thus far no one has responded to the 5L class parent, Mrs. Evans, in this regard.

If you are interested in helping us out as class parent, please just send me an email or if you have any specific questions about what it entails, you can always call.

Thanks as always for your help and support from home.  Thanks.

Homework 10/24

Current Events for both classes will be reassessed tomorrow.

Four total worksheets were distributed during dismissal…

  • 1 worksheet for Reading notes (Thought Prompts to Help Us Grow Complex Ideas)
  • 1 Math Exponents worksheet
  • 1 Session 10 Reading Homework, directions for Reader’s Notebook responses to your Book Club book that you should be bringing home each evening.  
  • double-sided writing worksheet, complete prompt 23 or 24 ONLY


Math– Complete the Using Exponents (Powers) Sheet 2, math-salamanders.com

  • Remember, the small number tells you how many times to multiply the big number, by itself.  


Reading  logs, initials

Please make sure that student’s follow the Session 10 instructions tonight instead of responding to specific prompts.  Within the instructions handout there are numerous items that I expect students to respond to.  Today I observed that many students did not do their Writing this weekend and I’m also noticing the quality of responses to the Book Club prompts is also very poor.  We are trying to develop learners that can think critically beyond the obvious in the text…the more they write, the more questions they ask themselves about author’s intent, character’s and plot evolving, etc., all of this is important moving forward.

  • Spelling Quiz #4 will be given on Friday (a real Quiz this time 🙂
  • Definitions also due on Friday, words will be given out during class tomorrow.


Writing– scripts will be returned tomorrow, final drafts due on Thursday.  

  • Choose prompt 23 or 24 on the worksheet that was distributed in class (either the Lincoln or Walter Percy quote).  Use the questions on the worksheet to help you develop your introduction, body, and closing paragraphs.
  • 5 paragraph essay as usual, hi-lite all usages of figurative language, similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, etc.  


Social Studies 5S– make sure that you have the 10+ notes and vocabulary completed for Chapter 2, Lesson 1, as well as the Neolithic Revolution worksheet (this should already be done for the most part)


Homework 10/21

Hi, I am at a wedding right now and so I’m not able to type up the homework until I get home this evening.  Attached are two pictures of the Homework that I wrote on the board before I left…hope this helps for now.  I’ll type things out as soon as I can…thanks!

The first image is notes/expectations for our final narrative plays…the rough drafts came out pretty well, now we just have to do things properly so we can present to the lower school.  Thanks!


This second image is of the homework…