Out Friday, 10/7

Sorry about the last two days, professional development snuck up on me without warning.

You’re going to have another sub tomorrow because Mr. S has to take care of something that is important to the school. With that said, you know my number and if you have any questions you can always reach out via text or email.

Even when I’m not in school, our troops, our community and our belief in fairness, honesty, and positive reinforcement are the fundamental building blocks of our academic classroom. Please be sure to listen patiently with the sub and to offer him or her guidance whenever necessary without leaving your seats to do so.

I will instruct whoever the sub may be to write the names down of students who continuously leave their seats and ultimately this will lead to a loss In Fun Day on Monday. Other students might not care about fun day and so we will penalize them in a different fashion, one that fits more accordingly with their interests. Anyway, the simple truth is that we have a wonderful class and we need to start taking advantage of the brilliant minds that makeup our 5S team.Remember, who’s got it better than us!?  NOBODYYYYYY, so please treat your substitute with kindness and respect and be sure to submit any assignments that you are given in class. I miss you guys tremendously, and I’ll see you on Tuesday I hope.





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