Homework 10/11

Tomorrow we have our trip to the Green Meadows Farm…if your child is planning on coming, please make sure that they have brought in both the permission slip as well as the $10.50 fee.  Lunch will be provided by the school and backpacks are unnecessary; if you would like to bring w/ you a smaller bag for personal items, that would be okay.

  • Also, below is a link for parents to sign up and volunteer for the book fair.
  • The book Fair will be Oct. 24th-28th.


Math- 2 worksheets

  • Order of Operations Worksheet (single-sided)
  • Lesson 2.7 – Real-World Problems: Multiplication and Division (Part 1), 5A Extra Practice, pgs. 33-34

I am trying to best assess which students need help w/ PEMDAS and which are ready to move on to more difficult forms of questions, i.e. word problems.  By next week we will have our Chapter 2 Test.


Reading- students should have the Session 4 Homework worksheet, it explains in detail how they should proceed w/ their ‘writing about reading’.

Students are now expected to provide more than just their Reading Logs for full credit.  Students must write a short 1 paragraph ‘summary’ of what they read last night, using the provided prompts and suggestions as a guide.  The idea is that our readers look beyond the obvious, that they start asking deeper meaning questions about the characters, their motivations, and the overall plot.  This assignment will continue as we proceed throughout the rest of the year, I will just add more layers to it as time goes on.


Writing– Writer’s Block question prompt.  Students were given a small card in class w/ a specific writing prompt on it.  Students should be able to write a 5 paragraph essay on the topic from the perspective of a personal narrative; some topics you might know more about than others and that’s okay, you’re not always going to love/enjoy every prompt that is given to you.  Learn to fight through the tough times so you can come out the other side successful.  Again, as with reading, dig deep down and write in detail using similes, metaphors, personification, and other forms of figurative language to bring your prompt to life.  I’ve read too many stories lately that are rushed and completely lacking any and all ‘personality’- take your time, slow down, and describe in thorough detail what you want the reader to understand and envision.  

  • Our next step will be to write a personal narrative from another person’s perspective and our third and final graded narrative will be a ‘personal narrative play’.  We will talk more about these topics as the week goes on.  Thanks!
  • Grades for the first graded narrative will begin going up tonight…I’m still waiting for a few students to hand theirs in but for the most part they are all done.  Grades for the comic strips will be going up next week after we find a good time for students to present theirs to the class.


Social Studies 5S– we had our Test Review today w/ the expectation that our Chapter 1 Test will be on Thursday, Day 2


5L Social Studies– we will have our Test Review on Thursday, Day 2, and our Chapter 1 Test on Friday, Day 3.  Any late work for Chapter 1 must be submitted no later than Friday.  Thanks.



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