Homework 10/13

  1. Math- tonight, student’s will complete a more difficult order of operations worksheet.  I’ll put two samples on the blog tonight just in case student’s did some of this work already in class.

DOWNLOADOrder of Operations Packet (COMPLETE PAGE 9 ONLY)

We practiced problems of varying difficulty during class today.  If your child believes that they already finished page 9, choose one of the other pages to complete, preferably one that has problems with exponents.


Reading– continue reading your independent books.  You should NOT be reading a graphic novel at home, you should be reading a chapter book as I have instructed you to do in class numerous times.  

Make sure you complete your log and get it initialed.  Also, remember, to get full credit you must continue writing about your reading within your Reader’s Notebook.  Use the worksheets/notes that I gave you the past couple of days, Session 4, 6, and 7, to help guide your thinking.  These worksheets have prompts that can help you to jump-start your thought process so that it should be easier to write down the kind/types of information that we are looking for.


Writing– begin brainstorming ideas for a ‘personal narrative play’ that you would like to begin writing.  The ideal is that we do this activity well enough that we can perform our plays to some of the lower school classrooms!

Try to write at least 1 page of notes and ideas for a ‘personal narrative play’ that represents you.  I’m not asking you to write a play tonight, just to brainstorm some ideas so we can move forward with the activity tomorrow and over the weekend.

  • Think about the types of characters/friends you want to include, what their parts might look like or what role they will serve within the plot.  By the end of the exercise, everyone will be writing their own plays, for now, though, simply start with your pre-planning.  Be sure to include thorough and descriptive thoughts and details!


Finally, below is a picture of the work that I’m looking to collect from students by tomorrow.  I printed out extra copies of all these assignments so there should be no reason for a child to not have something (if they need an extra copy).  I’m sure the bulk of the class did their work, I just want to make sure that it gets handed in.  Thanks!





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