Homework 10/14

  • 5S – Many students handed in a ton of missing/late work today and so I’ll have it all updated by this weekend.  Currently the gradebook has been updated through this morning (minus 2 assignments I checked today during school).
  • I’ll try and get some grading done tomorrow after work, though by Monday morning the grades should be updated 100%.  Thanks.


Math– 5A Workbook pages 69-74

  • Lesson 2-8, word problems
  • Chapter 2 Test early next week


Reading– complete your logs and get them initialed

If you would like full credit, date and label the Chapter and page numbers that you read over the weekend.

Also, for our ‘writing about reading’ portion of this activity moving forward, please answer prompts #3-6 on the worksheet attached below.  We will be referencing this specific worksheet for the next few weeks so please make sure that a copy of this stays inside your Reader’s Notebook.

DOWNLOADWriting About Reading Prompts Worksheet #s 1-40


Writing– come in Monday with a 1-page ‘pitch’ for the play you want to write.  Last night you brainstormed some ideas and other potential inclusions you’d want to see in your play, this weekend I want you to put together a small proposal before you go ahead and write out the dialogue and other sections.  We didn’t go over all of the instructions yet regarding how to ‘write a play’, so I don’t want you to go too far ahead.  

I just want to see where you plan on going with your writing in more thorough detail so that we are both comfortable with the personal narrative that you want to perform in front of some lower school classes.  Below I mention Act I-III; plays are written very similar to our traditional 5 paragraph essays, and so you should have no problems planning what you want to do this weekend so I can check your proposal FIRST so that we can hit the ground running and you can begin composing the rough draft of your play starting in class on Monday.  If you have any questions about this just let me know, thanks!

  • Develop the plot with more complete/thorough detail – last night you just brainstormed, now I want you to turn these ideas into a complete picture so that Mr. S. knows what your play is going to be about before you start writing it.
  • Think of your writing in 3 parts
    • Act 1– introduction
    • Act 2– body, conflict
    • Act 3– conclusion/resolution

Remember, I’m not asking you to necessarily write a rough draft of your play just yet (although if you want to go ahead and do that, you may, just remember that Mr. S reserves the right to make any suggestions/changes to your work if it’s not inline with the complete set of instructions that I will provide you on Monday.






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