Homework 10/17

5L Current Events

a(remember, write a short one paragraph summary of your article to teach the class, also bring in the newspaper clipping or the website)

  • Zya- Tuesday
  • Kiara- Wednesday
  • Oli- Thursday
  • Zahra- Friday


5L Social Studies we’ll reset during next class session.


Math 5A Workbook pgs. 75-78

Just some more practice with word problems…we went over many today so students should be getting the hang of it.

  • We will have our Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday, earliest, or Thursday, at latest.


Reading– logs, ‘writing about reading’

Choose 2 of the prompts from the list that I gave you last week, the list that should be in your Reader’s Notebook

  • Be sure to properly label your paper at the top:
  • put the Title/Chapter of the book
  • the date,
  • add the page numbers that you are responding to

Please number your prompts and answer the questions in complete sentences.you would like full credit.

ATTN: Parents, it’s coming to my attention that some students are not following through with their “writing about reading” activity.  For example, I BARELY saw any responses to this weekend’s homework, responding to prompts #3-6


Writing– continue working on the rough draft of YOUR OWN 3 Act play (not officially due until Friday, although I figure we will get this done sooner since we will be working on it in class).

EVERY STUDENT will be writing their own personal narrative play.  We will not be putting on 21 separate plays for the lower school and so we will ultimately choose the best few to put on after practicing this week in class.

Your plays should include your classmates!!

  • Grammar Worksheet- due tomorrow, Commas to Separate Introductory Phrases and Clauses, pgs. 9-10




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