Homework 10/18


Spelling Quiz #3 on Friday

Definitions due on Friday

  • algebra
  • consonant
  • folklore
  • extravagant
  • resources
  • tangible
  • drought
  • domesticate
  • surplus
  • slash-and-burn farming
  • parallel

First thing tomorrow morning I will be checking the reading logs and the ‘writing about reading’ prompts for the following days…(just playing a bit of catch-up)

  • Friday, 10/18
  • Monday, 10/19
  • Tuesday, 10/20

Remember, NUMBER and DATE the prompts for full credit!

Tomorrow we will also continue with our book clubs.  Students will be allowed to take their books home after tomorrow and so I’ll put a list on the blog of who has which title (so parents can make sure that they have the book/didn’t lose it.  Hope this helps.


Math– 5A Textbook pgs. 112-113, #s 5-23, Review problems (I forgot to write 33 so we can finish the last 10 in class tomorrow if you don’t do them at home)

Chapter 2 Test on Thursday


Writing– continue working on the rough draft of your play, Due Friday

Friday I would like to have all 21 plays, one personal narrative play from each student, so that we can practice performing them in class.  Ultimately we’ll choose a handful of the best plays/the ones that include the most classmates, to try and present downstairs in the lower school.

Remember the concept of ‘perspective’ that we discussed in class today.  Keep that in mind when you are writing this evening.  Remember, people have the tendency to see things differently than you so I am looking forward to seeing how you incorporate this strategy into your writing!  

On Monday, I would like students to have their official, final draft of the play ready for collection AND performance.  Based on the quality of our performances and how seriously our students take the activity, I will check w/ the lower school to see what period(s) work best for them for us to come by.

So far I’ve seen some really interesting responses from the kids- many did the brainstorming and proposal homework, now they have to turn it into a full play w/ multiple characters and dialogue.

Based on what I’m seeing, Friday should be plenty of time to complete the play in a thorough and detailed manner.  Any other questions just let me know, thanks!

Remember, the idea is to have fun!


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