Math Word Problem Answers (screenshots)

Hi, so at the request of a parent I attached to this post a Word document with screenshots of the teacher’s guide so that you can practice some of the word problems this evening.  Even though tomorrow I’ll keep the questions more straight-forward, I hope this helps to fill in any gaps that we’ve been seeing both in class and at home.  This isn’t too uncommon, either, as we had a similar issue last year with the word problems going from easy to very hard in literally the span of one or two problems.

Anyway, you might have to zoom in to see the answers because that’s as large as they’ll let me make the text :-\  Irregardless, I hope having the answers to Lesson 2-7, both the text and workbook, I hope this helps!



DOWNLOAD: math-chapter-2-7-text-and-workbook-answers-for-word-problems


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