Homework 10/20


  • Spelling Quiz #3 tomorrow
  • Make sure that your definitions are written out properly and completed so I can check them tomorrow.

Session 10 Homework 

Taking the Leap, continued pg. 95

Readers, for homework, continue last night’s assignment.  Keep reading your book club novel.  Keep jotting answers to these questions:  “What are the problems that the main character is facing?”  Where in the story is the main character facing that problem?

After you locate passages where the main character is facing a big problem, reread them, mulling over the author’s decisions.  Think about these questions: “Why does the author have the character doing…?”  “What do I notice about this passage…what stands out?”  “How does this connect with earlier parts of the text?”  “What message might the author be trying to communicate?”  “What lesson about life is the author trying to teach?”

Writing- the rough draft of your play is due tomorrow

  • must be approximately 5-10 minutes long
  • must be a personal narrative
  • must be have multiple characters

We will ‘act’ these out in class tomorrow to see which areas we need to work on and improve the most.  I’m curious to see what the kids come up with – some of what I’ve seen thus far sounds quite interesting! 🙂


Math– make any corrections to today’s “Test”

I went over the first few problems w/ the class and so for tomorrow, just make sure that you have everything completed to the best of your ability (TRY the word problems, if you leave it completely blank I’ll assume that you didn’t make an effort! :-\

We will make any corrections tomorrow…this is not going into the gradebook, I just wanted to see which areas we need to focus on most.  Thanks!


Social Studies 5S & 5L

5LThe entire assignment below is due on Monday, Day 3

5S– we will work on the notes and vocabulary in class tomorrow (ONLY complete the Neolithic Revolution worksheet)

  • Complete the Neolithic Revolution worksheet

Complete the vocabulary and the notes for Chapter 2, Lesson 1, Producing Food, pgs. 48-53

Main Idea sections (3+ notes per section)

  • Adapting to Change
  • Agricultural Revolution
  • Farming as a Way of Life


We will complete the Review questions on pg. 53 together in class.




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