Homework 10/24

Current Events for both classes will be reassessed tomorrow.

Four total worksheets were distributed during dismissal…

  • 1 worksheet for Reading notes (Thought Prompts to Help Us Grow Complex Ideas)
  • 1 Math Exponents worksheet
  • 1 Session 10 Reading Homework, directions for Reader’s Notebook responses to your Book Club book that you should be bringing home each evening.  
  • double-sided writing worksheet, complete prompt 23 or 24 ONLY


Math– Complete the Using Exponents (Powers) Sheet 2, math-salamanders.com

  • Remember, the small number tells you how many times to multiply the big number, by itself.  


Reading  logs, initials

Please make sure that student’s follow the Session 10 instructions tonight instead of responding to specific prompts.  Within the instructions handout there are numerous items that I expect students to respond to.  Today I observed that many students did not do their Writing this weekend and I’m also noticing the quality of responses to the Book Club prompts is also very poor.  We are trying to develop learners that can think critically beyond the obvious in the text…the more they write, the more questions they ask themselves about author’s intent, character’s and plot evolving, etc., all of this is important moving forward.

  • Spelling Quiz #4 will be given on Friday (a real Quiz this time 🙂
  • Definitions also due on Friday, words will be given out during class tomorrow.


Writing– scripts will be returned tomorrow, final drafts due on Thursday.  

  • Choose prompt 23 or 24 on the worksheet that was distributed in class (either the Lincoln or Walter Percy quote).  Use the questions on the worksheet to help you develop your introduction, body, and closing paragraphs.
  • 5 paragraph essay as usual, hi-lite all usages of figurative language, similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, etc.  


Social Studies 5S– make sure that you have the 10+ notes and vocabulary completed for Chapter 2, Lesson 1, as well as the Neolithic Revolution worksheet (this should already be done for the most part)



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