Homework 10/25

Writing– continue working on the script for your play.  See the notes from the picture over the weekend.

Remember, be sure that you add enough lines of dialogue to the script so that it is between 5-10 minutes long and has at least 4 roles/parts.  Also, be sure to include an opening narration to provide setting and context.  You may have other areas where a narrator speaks, if you have a scene change, for example, but having more than one is up to you.

  • Act I– introduction
  • Act II– body, conflict
  • Act III– resolution

Finally, what is the message behind your personal narrative, what do you want our lower school students to learn from this?  What is the overall point you are trying to make?  


Social Studies– complete your Web Quest that we started in class today…an extra copy will be posted below.



Reading– 35 minutes tonight in your BOOK CLUB book.  Some students left their novels in school again so it will be extremely difficult to prepare for your conversation with your group-members tomorrow.  If you don’t have the correct book, please write about your independent novel instead (writing about reading)


Spelling Quiz #4 (definitions due on Friday)

  1. surprise
  2. remain
  3. receive
  4. impossible
  5. hesitate
  6. invisible
  7. gullible
  8. frequent
  9. function
  10. specific



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