Homework 10/27

Math– Common Core Workbook (new workbook given out today),

  • Lesson 1, Evaluating Numerical Expressions, pgs. 6-9 (the first couple pages are notes)

Miss Serrano came in today to teach the students the section about bar-modeling…she will also be in tomorrow to complete the lesson.  In the meantime, please work on the first Chapter in your new Common Core Coach Math workbooks, pgs. 6-9.  Evaluating expressions is another term for using PEMDAS so apply what we’ve been learning in class to complete the problems.

This website above has some instructional videos on all types of bar modeling if students need extra practice.


Reading– 35 minutes, logs and initials and ‘writing about reading’ for full credit.

Continue reading your book club books, be sure to keep track of key information using Post-It notes as well as choose a clean sheet (every night) in your Reader’s Notebook to complete your ‘writing about reading’ assignment.  Remember to properly date and label your work so we know exactly what it is.  If you are struggling to write down your thoughts independently, you can choose one of the 40 prompts on the Literary Prompts handout you’ve been using.

Students that finished their books already, please complete 4 of the following prompts for Homework (we started this in class today, they should almost be done)…

  • Prompts 30-36 and 39-40 (complete 4 out of these 9 prompts in your Reader’s notebooks, complete sentences for each one, each answer a few sentences long…

Be sure to answer the questions by thinking critically about the text and applying what you know.  Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think!

  • Spelling Quiz #4 and definitions due tomorrow!  (scroll down for words)


Writing– none (we are currently learning about first and third person perspective, there will be a short assignment on this tomorrow)


Social Studies– complete the following for Monday

  • Read Parallel Timelines worksheet
  • Chapter 2, Lesson 2, Forming Complex Societies, pg. 56, vocabulary and 3+ notes per section (at least 12 total)

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