Homework 10/28

  • Hi, I’m off to the doctors now so I’ll update this when I get back, I just wanted to make sure that I had something up for 5.  The grade book will be updated by Sunday so you can make one last push to make up any missing assignments from October before November 3rd.  Thanks!


Writing– FINAL NARRATIVE ESSAY DUE on Wednesday, November 2nd.  This will be our final graded narrative for the marking period before we move onto a new concept…please do your best work as I am going to compare this piece to your first efforts in order to check for growth and understanding!

For this weekend, you only have to complete the graphic organizer for the essay and the organizer for the character traits.

Fill out the graphic organizer in thorough detail for Monday.  Use both sides of the organizer if you have to!  I want the entire organizer filled up with ideas!  

Fill out your Character Traits organizer for Monday as well.  This represents the main character (which is YOU since it is a personal narrative), however, you can also use this for other people, i.e. your supporting characters.


Math-  5A Textbook, page 102, complete 3 of the following 4 problems (#3, 4, 5, or 6).  We may have done these before but now you can apply bar modeling to work out the problems.  That’s what I’ll be looking for on Monday!



  • Complete the Point of View- Who Is Telling the Story?  worksheet for Monday.

DOWNLOAD– Point of View- Who is Telling the Story?


If you completed your Book Club book but did not use the prompts to reflect upon your reading last night, please do so over the weekend.  (see homework from 10/27 for the prompts, students were to complete 4 of the 9 that I posted, about a page worth of information).

For students in the Big Wave group, please read your independent novel this weekend and ‘write about reading’.  Either way, I expect EVERYONE to read for 35 minutes each night and to fill out your new reading logs for November.  I will attach a copy of it below.

Use the two notes sheets that I gave you to help you with your ‘writing about reading’ – one notes sheet gives you more prompt ideas while the other is an image of a 5th grade students notebook and how they organized their own thoughts.  Use these notes to help inspire you, to help give you a better idea of the expectations for this long-term assignment.

  • 35 minutes of reading each night, fill out a new log for November, copy is posted below.


DOWNLOAD – reading-log-sample

Social Studies– Make sure that the following is submitted.  These assignments are past due and should already have been completed.  The grade book will be updated by Sunday so if you don’t see a grade for this work by then, you did not submit it.

  • Catal Huyuk Web Quest
  • Neolithic Revolution worksheet
  • Chapter 2, Lesson 1, 10+ notes AND vocabulary



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