Homework 10/31

5S Current Events

  • Jace- Tuesday
  • Josh- Wednesday
  • Aniyah- Thursday
  • Zya- Friday


Math– one-sided worksheet, word problems

  • We will have a Chapter 2 Review in class before moving onto Chapter 3, Fractions, this week.  We’ve been on the Chapter 2 material for a while now so this is a good time to move on.


Writing– continue working on the final draft of your narratives due on Wednesday.  You may type your final draft, I will also be collecting the graphic organizers that you worked on this weekend.  If you don’t have the organizer, you will lose some credit.  


Reading– 35 minutes, logs

Complete 2 prompts of your choosing for your ‘writing about reading’ in thorough detail.  Make sure that you date and label your notebook paper each evening.  You should write a little bit for every chapter, keep track of the plot, character developments, and any other exciting/interesting passages that you might want to share w/ your group during Book Clubs.  PLAN WITH YOUR CLUB, don’t read ahead of them!

  • The Matilda and Cricket in Times Square groups, please finish your books and reflections and bring them in tomorrow so we can return them and get a new selection for our clubs.  If you don’t have a book club book this evening, you may do your ‘writing about reading’ using your independent book instead.  


Social Studies– we started and completed this mostly in class today, so it is all due on Wednesday…

Complete Social Studies, Chapter 2, Lesson 3, pgs. 66-71, make sure your notebooks are dated and properly labeled.

  • Vocabulary
  • (3+ notes per section)
  • Review Questions (#s 1, 3, 4, 5, 7)


Students will receive the instructions for our Chapter 2 project during next class session.


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