Gradebook Updated

Current as of 11/1.  I fixed a few things that I thought made sense – if for some reason a majority of kids were missing an assignment, I gave credit to everyone no matter what because I know we reviewed the material together.

Furthermore, if a student has late work, it is their responsibility to place it in the green homework bin on my desk.  The gradebook reflects assignments as I check them on the day they are due.  If a student is missing work, it is their job to make sure that it gets submitted so they can receive credit; too many times already have I seen our hard-working young boys and girls put time into an assignment just to have it stay hidden in their notebooks.  Remember, I can only grade the work that is given to me, I can’t assume someone made up the work just because they told me they were going to.

Lastly, the gradebook is just a simple way to calculate scores- it’s a guide for me to quickly keep track of who is doing what and when.  It is not the be all, end all, when it comes to how I process the grades, I take into account the whole student and their body of work throughout the quarter.  I typically add a couple of points to the final grade that you see on your end in order to reflect things like that, so keep that in mind.

Remember, final narratives WITH the graphic organizer are due tomorrow.  If I don’t have the organizer, right off the top we are looking at 10 points, minimum.  Please make sure your child has both…thanks!



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