Homework 11/2

Current Events

Josh– Wednesday

Aniyah- Thursday

Zya– Friday


These will be the first grades for Quarter 2…


Math– Common Core workbook, Lesson 2, pgs. 10-13

Reading– 35 minutes, logs (will be checked) and initials

  • Think about your prompts as you reflect for ‘writing about reading’
    • (you can use your prompts sheet as a guide, of course)
  • Plan for Book Clubs tomorrow, don’t go too far ahead, plan with your group)

Every book club should now have a new book to read…if for some reason you do


Writing– worksheet, rewrite the passage from Treasure Island in 3rd person (use the instructions and your notes for guidance)

  • Remember, in 3rd person the narrator knows things the main character might not, so try adding some of ‘your own personality’ to the passage!
    • Please write your response in your Writer’s Notebooknot the worksheet (there’s not enough space).  Label the new page ‘Third Person Treasure Island

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