Homework, 11/4

MAP Scores went home today, if you have any questions just let me know…thanks and have a great weekend!


Math- Chapter 2 Test on Monday

  • Complete parts of the Review packet for practice (focus on the concepts that you are struggling with)


Writing– “I’d like to Get to Know You Better” essay

  • Use your interview notes AND the answers your partner wrote out last night to help you complete a detailed response.
  • 4-5 paragraphs, think, “what do these answers tell me about my classmate?”
  • Do you share anything in common?
  • Do you share anything in common?
  • Final thought (Conclusion) – Do you believe that the differences between us make us stronger or weaker?  Why or why not?  


Reading– November Reading Logs, initials

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – choose two days this weekend to reflect in your logs and writing

  • 35 minutes in your new Book Club books (plan what chapter to read up to with your group before leaving!
  • This weekend I want you to focus on the characters, setting, and the plot for your ‘writing about reading.’  Use Post-It notes to keep track of key scenes or difficult words, etc.  
  • Reflect on what you read, use your Literary Prompt Notes as a guide if you are struggling with what to write.  Also, Mr. S provided you with two copies of what other student’s notebooks looked like when they did their writing about reading…use that information for inspiration!

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