Homework 11/8

  • Olumide and Paislee have Current Events tomorrow (makeups)


Reading– How the U.S. Elects it’s President’s packet w/ questions 

Many students left this on the side by the door today (where it always is) so here is an extra copy.  If you click the “Print” button it will list the questions on one page.  We are doing the ‘930 L’ version of the article.

  • 35 minutes reading in your book club books (if your group is done, please use your independent NOVEL instead, not a graphic novel).
    • Use the notes I gave you today and in previous days so you can model your ‘writing about reading’ after these handouts.  Some students are doing wonderful, others are not writing enough.  As a result, I’m expecting about 1/2 to 3/4 of a page each night you read moving forward.  This does not include any Post-It notes that you may be using to keep track of key sections of your book.  I also loved seeing rising and falling plot points as well as character charts and traits today in some people’s notebooks- that means to me you are applying what you’re learning!  If you still need to use your literary prompt handouts as a guide to jump-start your thoughts, please do so!


  • Spelling Quiz #5 and definitions are due on Thursday.  (scroll down for the words)


Math- simple worksheet featuring 3 word problems

  • Tomorrow we will start reviewing Chapter 3, Fractions.


Writing–  Comma Review 1 and 2 double-sided worksheet


Social Studies– The ‘Make Your Own Community Project is due on November 17th

  • (I will collect the Mesopotamia Web Quest and supplemental Inventions worksheet as soon as we are done going over the material this week).

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