Attn: Parents, Gradebook Updated

Hi, so I just spent the past few hours updating the gradebook.  I still have a little ways to go (still have to update the 5S Social Studies, for example), but I figure by the end of the day the gradebook will have been updated with every paper that I received thus far.  If you see a 0 in a column, that means the assignment was not received.  If you see a few points missing, I explained on each paper why that’s the case; typically it’s because the assignment is incomplete or a student was clearly guessing the answers.  If you see a column left blank w/ no score in it, that just means I have not gotten to those assignments yet.

It is absolutely imperative for parents to keep track of the gradebook at least once a week so you can avoid any surprises a few days before the marking period ends.  The gradebook is an essential tool for you to see what exactly your child has been doing since I know from speaking w/ many parents, our kids have a habit of saying they got their work done when in reality that’s not always the case.  I typically wait a few weeks into a marking period before I reach out to parents regarding a pattern of missed work, but if you have any questions before that, please feel free to reach out and let me know as I’m always available.  

Right now I’m seeing a handful of zeroes from a small sample of students which is not a good way to start Quarter 2 at all.  This can be for a variety of reasons, however, my biggest observation from Quarter 1 has been students not putting their names on assignments when they put it in the Homework bin (and thus never checking the pile of work I have w/ out names despite my constant pleading).  While so far I haven’t noticed that particular problem as much this time around because I always return nameless papers to students when I personally collect them, another issue is that too many students are behaving carelessly by losing assignments literally within a period of me giving it out to them, or even worse, they’ll drop something on the floor and not pick it up or even look for it OR they’ll just leave it in their binders despite me asking for it ad nauseum in front of the room day after day.  If you know that your child is doing their Homework at home but you are not seeing a grade reflected on Net Classroom, it’s likely due to one of the reasons described above.  

Anyway, my hope is that any issues we had Quarter 1 with submitting work will be lessened due to our students taking more responsibility and ownership over their educations as well as parents using the Net Classroom resource more consistently as the primary method of holding their child accountable at home.  I probably have the most flexible Homework policy in the building because my concern is first and foremost that my students are learning the material, and so it is truly inexcusable to go through the marking period without making up late assignments within a reasonable time frame.  There are no more excuses to make, you either have the assignments when they are due or you don’t, and if you don’t, you always have the opportunity to make the work up, please just remember to submit it in the green Homework bin that’s always on my desk (or the blue bin in Miss Lujan’s room).  

This is and has always been a two-way street and a partnership between teachers, students, and parents to ensure that our children are being taught the basic tenets of personal responsibility and being on time.  I know that our students are capable of handling/developing these important qualities and traits, we simply have to make sure that our students understand both Mr. S and mom and dad are on top of things more consistently so we can avoid a crazed rush to make up work a few days before the Quarter ends.

Thank you as always to the parents for your help, guidance, and support at home.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Thanks!


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