Homework 11/14

  • Zya and Josh have Current Events tomorrow.  Remember, please write a brief 1 paragraph summary of the article of your choosing for full credit.  


Math– single-sided worksheet, Adding Unlike Fractions

Simplify, change improper fractions to mixed numbers the way I’ve been showing you the past couple of days.


Reading– Today I handed out a copy of the Gettysburg Address for students to write a brief reflection, 1-2 paragraphs, as a way to acknowledge Veteran’s Day…we’ll discuss the speech in more detail in the morning.  What do our veterans mean to you?  Anything at all?  Why, why not?

  • underline or hi-lite at least 3 facts from the speech

If you would like to push yourself to read another amazing speech, you may read the JFK speech below in which he speaks to students at Rice University about the space race.  Attached to the page is the audio of the speech as well.

Lincoln Gettysburg Address– gettysburg-address-veterans-day-assignment

JFK Speech – https://er.jsc.nasa.gov/seh/ricetalk.htm

PRACTICE FLUENCY, the way that you can study and read a speech in a clear manner is directly related to how you read your non-fiction text

  • Fluency is the voice in your head that helps you to add meaning to the text. I read emphasizing the big points.  Perhaps I have in mind what great science and history videos sound like to guide my reading)
  • Punctuation/Complexity (usually punctuation just gives me subtle signals as to how to read, but when it’s used in unusual ways, I ask, “How does the author probably want this to sound?” When the sentences are complicated, I adjust my voice to show that come parts of the sentence (like this part) are meant to be subordinate)
  • Students should be reading non-fiction books right now.  Tomorrow they have library so they will 100% have a non-fiction title by then, but just for your knowledge at home, students should be reading fact-based texts, biographies, etc.  They can certainly read something else on the side, but they absolutely need to prioritize the non-fiction book over everything else.  Thanks!


Writing– today in class, students worked in pairs (or threes) and read each other’s western expansion papers.  Each student was to write down some positives as well as some constructive criticism in order to help their partner improve their paper….this was a peer editing exercise as well.  I read about half of the early drafts thus far and I was seeing some great things and also some similar issues among the students which I’ve been addressing w/ the class as a whole.  So far for a first effort I’ve been very impressed so I look forward to seeing how our kids improve as the quarter continues.

Also, please use the resources that I posted to the blog over the weekend to assist you…

  • For tonight, rewrite a second version of your essay using the peer editing notes that you received today from your group members.  If your group did not provide you with good feedback, please take it upon yourself to edit/rewrite portions of your paper to reflect the things that I’ve been speaking on in class.
  • Be sure to explain your facts, don’t just list information without telling us why it’s important to your report.
  • Make sure you have names, dates, statistics/numbers/data, and geographical locations.  The more facts you provide the reader, the better.  

You should have for tomorrow…

  • 2 versions of your essay
  • note cards from today
  • the notes from last week that you used to write the paper


Social Studies– Make Your Own Settlement Project due on November 17th


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