Homework 11/15

Math– 5A Math workbook, complete pages 107-110


Reading– complete the Common Core English workbook pages 220-224

  • Leafcutter Ants article
  • circle the notes that you are taking down on pg. 224 within the text


Writing– Context Clues worksheet, attached below…

Today I collected the students first research papers on the topic of westward expansion.  I collected their notes and the two version of their essays (they wrote a rough draft, then they were given some advice on how to improve it, we did some peer editing, and last night I asked them to rewrite certain parts so they could see that there is no one way to construct a paper).  I will grade this assignment once for submission and then again using a rubric score for more significant grade to reflect the hard work and effort they put into it.  I understand this is their first foray into informational writing/research papers and so I will adjust the numbers accordingly.  Thanks for your patience and understanding at home!


Social Studies our Projects have been pushed back until Monday, November 21st, for a few different reasons.  Please take the added time to make any additions/improvements to your work.  Thanks!


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