Homework 11/21

Math– 5A Workbook pgs. 115-116 (due tomorrow, Tuesday)

Please follow the instructions this time.  A few students last night did not turn their fractions into decimals, or if they did, they did it improperly.  If you have a proper fraction, how your decimal possibly have a whole number?

Please use your textbook and your notes as a resource.  There is nothing in the work from last night or tonight that we did not go over in detail during class.  We’ll of course continue to review this material, but what good is the review if we don’t pay attention or if we don’t follow the methods I am showing you on the board?

Anyway, if you’re having trouble, please speak up more during class.  Thanks!


Due Monday, 11/28

Social Studies–  students began presenting their projects today.  I AM SO IMPRESSED BY EVERYTHING THAT I’VE SEEN SO FAR!  I’m going to post some pictures/video tomorrow afternoon, so be on the lookout!  We likely won’t get through all the projects tomorrow, we’ll certainly continue them next week during our double-periods.  Thanks!

Back to the usual routine…

Chapter 3, Lesson 2, begins on pg. 102 

  • Vocabulary with definitions
  • 3+ notes per section (4 purple main ideas, 3 notes per section minimum, 12+ total)
  • Review questions # 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 on pg. 107


Science– take-home Test, the packet was given out in class today (those students that were absent today and will not be in school tomorrow, I’ll try and get a copy scanned into the computer for you)





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