Homework 11/22

***Please remind your child to take home their graded work from the mailbox on Monday…I’m spending all this time grading and leaving comments, I want to make sure that the information gets home to mom and dad.

Grading will continue through this evening and into the week…I’ll have the more major stuff done towards the end of the week, things like the Western Expansion essay and the more recent Social Studies project writing assignment.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the break.  Homework assignment #1, spend some quality time with your family!! 🙂


Math– (optional practice)

Other links for fraction support below…IXL allows you to practice 10 problems a day.  Some of these skills we have practiced, some we have not, but either way I think it’s good experience to push yourself to try more difficult work.


Social Studies– same as yesterday

Chapter 2, Lesson 3, begins on pg. 102

  • Vocabulary and definitions
  • 4 Main Idea sections written in purple
    • 3+ notes per section (12 minimum, you can always write more!)
  • Review questions on pg. 107, #s 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6


Reading/Writing– today I sent home another copy of the notes for the Informational Reading/Writing unit.  Please use this information as a guide for all future assignments.  I will be adding some more information as we proceed through the unit, but the material I provided today should be sufficient to keep you in the loop.

I also posted a while back similar resources to the blog (and what I gave the kids last week).  Please keep an eye on the website for future updates regarding different links and supplements that you can use to bolster your child’s understanding of this most important topic.


Choose 2 articles from your Junior Scholastic Magazine (the one w/ Trump on the cover)

Write a short summary (1 paragraph each) of 2 articles from the magazine.  What is the main idea?  Is there more than one?  What are some supporting details from the text to support what you’re trying to say? 

Look for dates, quotes, geographic locations, numbers/data, ANY information to support your main idea.  

  • If you were absent today, choose 2 articles from the newspaper or the Internet (or magazines, etc.), it just has to be a nonfiction source and it must be appropriate for school.


Science– complete your take-home Test from yesterday


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