Homework 11/28

Going to keep things easy tonight…I was going to give some Writing homework but I think the assignment would be best done in class tomorrow (I’m going to return the westward expansion essays w/ my revisions/notes and students will revise their papers tomorrow in class using all of the strategies we’ve learned thus far).

Current Events 5S

Tyce- Tuesday, Day 1

Lauryn- Wednesday, Day 2

Elijah- Thursday, Day 3

Josh- Friday, Day 4


Reading– Common Core English workbook pgs. 70-78, be sure to take good notes for pg. 78.  If it helps, please hi-lite any sections of the article that you find interesting and/or would like to share w/ the class.  Try and figure out the main idea or ideas from the passage as well as details to support your claims.


Spelling Words #6, due Friday

Students are to also find 2 synonyms and at least 1 antonym for each of the 10 words (I wrote 2 of each on the board, but I’ll reduce the # of antonyms to 1)

  1. tributary
  2. meticulous
  3. ingenious
  4. gregarious
  5. ambivalent
  6. vulnerable
  7. caravan
  8. emperor
  9. humble
  10. imperative


Math– short Math quiz tomorrow on lessons 3-1 through 3-4.  The Quiz will be short, only a few questions of each, and then we will continue w/ our lesson from today on adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

  • Students will be asked to add and subtract fractions, create like fractions, find equivalent fractions, turn fractions into decimals using long division, and compare fractions on a number line.  Finally, students will be asked to simplify and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.

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