Gradebook Updated w/ notes


Current as of tonight.  While there are some students w/ what seems like many missing grades, I firmly believe that any student has the ability to right the ship before it becomes too late in the quarter.  I’ll start pulling kids during Recess and Fun Day 6 for the most pressing of assignments so they can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.  Furthermore, if a student is making up late work, it is their responsibility to come show it to me AND place it in the homework bin for final revision.  I know sometimes students make up assignments but it never finds its way to me, so I think this helps in explaining that little quirk.  

I still have to put some major grades like the essay and the project for Social Studies, however, if you submitted the paper and a model/illustration, I am almost guaranteeing A’s across the board.  From what I’ve heard thus far in class from the student-prepared essays, I was blown away by their creativity and explanations for why they made the decisions they came to in designing their communities.  Very proud, this content will go into a Writing folder w/ many other samples that I’ll be keeping throughout the year.

Anyway, I’ll get on that asap.  Thanks!


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