Homework 11/30

  • Elijah has a Current Event due tomorrow.


Math– 5A Workbook pgs. 117-119, Adding Mixed Numbers


Reading– Remember to complete your vocabulary definitions, find 2 synonyms and 1 antonym for each word, and put each of our 10 spelling words in a sentence (10 sentences total) (scroll down for the words)

  • Spelling Quiz #6 on Friday


Writing– Complete a rough draft 4-5 paragraphs, on the topic you chose last night and that we discussed at length in class today.

  • Thesis statement– what your paper is all about.  What are you trying to say?  Purpose of the paper?

Today we worked on our introductions in class.  Last night, students were supposed to write at least 10 notes on a topic that they are already familiar with, a topic that they are experts in.  I framed the assignment this way so that writing a full-fledged essay would be easier to research and support with facts.  Today we continued our discussion of the importance of expanding upon just listing information – why is the information in your essay important?

The introductions should be attention grabbing, not “this paper will be about…”  Use the notes and resources that I’ve given you on this topic.

  • Remember, include quotes, statistics, numbers, charts, graphics, geographic locations, compare/contrast.  The more data you include, the more professional and authentic sounding your paper will be.  

Each body paragraph should contain a separate thought, or 1 of 3 different main ideas.  Remember to combine similar facts together to create a full paragraph, as well as explain why the facts are important to the overall thesis/main idea of your paper.

I was super-impressed with the essays for our community project, so I know that you have the ability to incorporate your own personality into a fact-based essay.  Give it a try tonight and we’ll read and discuss how to make improvements tomorrow.  Thanks!


Social Studies– Chapter 4, Lesson 1, notes and vocabulary and review questions will be assigned tomorrow.


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