Homework 12/6

  • Jaiden has Current Events due tomorrow on a topic of his choice.


Math– Test corrections due tomorrow

I handed back the graded Tests today…my TA graded them so if there are any discrepancies, we’ll review the work together as a class.

Students were given the opportunity today in class to make the corrections and only a few did so.  Thanks.


Writing- today in class students selected a topic of their choosing to research further.  For classwork and this evening, I would like students to come up with a list of at least 15 questions, things that they would like to learn more about their topic.  With this information, the next step we can do together is start creating body paragraphs using similar information.

We will begin researching tomorrow during school although you may do so tonight, just please do not write an essay.

  • Primary and Secondary Sources worksheet


Social Studies– Ancient Mesopotamia/Egypt DBQ packet, 6 sources, complete for Homework

For classwork today, students were to finish Chapter 4, Lesson 1…

  • 3+ notes per section (12 minimum)
  • vocabulary
  • review questions # 1, 3, 5, and 6 on pg. 139

This work should have been close to completion before class even started but some students chose to fool around and so now they’ll have more work to get done at home.







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