Homework 12/7

  • Aniyah has a Current Event due tomorrow.


Math– 5A Workbook pgs. 124-125

  • 2 problems on subtracting mixed numbers
  • 3 word problems u sing fractions


Reading– continue reading your independent non-fiction text for 45 minutes.

Continue taking notes on a fresh page with the proper date and heading across the top.  Remember, we aren’t just listing facts, we are now explaining why these facts are important, why we wrote them down in the first place.  Look for supporting information such as quotes, geographical locations, difficult words, charts, and statistics/data.  


Writing– Continue researching your essential question that you chose last night and then further researched in class today.

Continue researching the questions you compiled last night.  The idea is to group similar pieces of information into body paragraphs; information that seems random and out of place might not belong!

Have your main idea/thesis statement and about 4-5 different subtopics that you would like to research further prepared for tomorrow (include quotes, data, charts, pictures, etc.).  Your list of 15 questions or so should be narrowed down to approximately 4-5 subtopics that you would like to research further.  I modeled how to do this for multiple people on the board today so if you are having trouble figuring this out, please consult your notes, or if you do not have them, think about how your history textbook is set up…first it has the chapter title, the main idea of the lesson, and then each purple section is a subtopic…your research paper should reflect a similar format.

Attached below is a worksheet w/ similar instructions w/ some small differences that might help you out…

DOWNLOADWriting Session 10 Homework

Also complete the following worksheet on quotations…



History– complete your DBQ packet if not done already.



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