Upcoming Social Studies Unit Outline

So I found a neat little resource that will provide both parents and students alike a glimpse into some areas of the text that I’d like to cover in the immediate future.  This site contains some really strong notes as a backup to what your child should writing down in class.  It allows the opportunity for more complex critical thinking responses because the notes are written in a sensible and sequential manner which gives students a model for what related notes in paragraph form w/ essential questions should look like.  The site makes available chapter breakdowns for each lesson and so I’ll post it below as a resource for everyone to use moving forward.  What I am noticing, though, is that these are not 100% identical lessons from our textbook, I think these are from a similar publisher.  The material is largely the same, I’d say 95% or more since textbook people aren’t that creative, so the notes are still a good resource to use, especially in combination with the in-class information (I’ll always provide notes for that as well during reviews).

Again, I want this to be a backup to what we are doing in class….more like something you use during a Test or Quiz review…I just think relying on something written by a secondary source that, while I find useful, is really just a template compared to my expectations in class when it comes to the strength and diversity of the instruction.  I cover a lot of ground aside from what you’re going to see below, so a combination of this material and solid note-taking in class will turn any student an exceptional one!

So far I’ve only thought up to Chapter 6, one lesson in Chapter 7…what I regret last year is not getting through the best parts of the text and so I’m probably going to do a lot more jumping around after Egypt so that students get a more well-rounded approach to their knowledge of the past.  I am extremely confident in my ability to make this material interesting and so I look forward to really diving into this information soon.

Anyway, I hope this helps those in need of a little extra support at home.  Buona fortuna!


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