Upcoming Egypt Project


So my hope is that we can do this project in the very near future.  I’m posting this video because 5S has already purchased the paint supplies which I think will serve most of the two classes, though I’m sure we could use always use a little more paint and brushes.

Secondly, last year I purchased about 30 barbie-style dolls as the dollar store that we wrapped as mummies and based our designs around.  They were the perfect fit, the box we used as described in the video above, and ultimately the kids had a really good time w/ this hands-on activity.

If we can get dolls donated first, that’d be incredible.  Something bigger than the average Star Wars or wresting action figure is most preferred, but we’ll work with whatever we can get.  I’ll check the dollar store soon as well.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up regarding one of the activities I like to do during this unit.  I’d like to reuse the clay from Quarter 1 as well, but we’ll see?


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