Homework 12/14

  • Zya has a Current Event tomorrow.
  • Chloe has one on Friday.


Math– Chapter 3 Test, Fractions

Just an FYI, you can only submit 10 answers total (regardless of which concept you’re practicing), so maybe just refresh the page for a new question rather than submitting it if your certain you got the answer correct.


Reading– Spelling Quiz #7, Friday

  • Vocabulary definitions due on Friday, remember to write your definitions as well as one synonym and 1 antonym for each word.
  • 40 minutes reading in your independent non-fiction book this evening, take notes on what you read the, remember to explain why the notes you are writing down are important.  Did you learn anything interesting that you’d like to research further?
  • Suffix Packet, attached below (don’t complete the whole thing, only pgs. 5-7

DOWNLOADPrefixes/Suffixes Packet


Writing- we will continue working on our drafts tomorrow, but for this evening, please try and incorporate the sources/citations that we were working on in class today, within your essay.

You need a minimum of 6 facts/citations from at least 3 different sources (you used 3 websites the other day, there’s 3 right there).  

Incorporate your citation like this….

  • According to the article, Fast Food: Buyer Beware, from the Rolling Stone website, the author crafts a clear connection between fast food and heart disease (RollingStone.com)
  • Put the citation at the end of the sentence but before the end punctuation.


Remember, your Midterm is on FRIDAY.  The objective is for you to write about your independent non-fiction book, so please take this seriously!  You can pre-plan, but you can’t use the notes on your exam.


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