Gradebook Updated (90%)

I updated a handful of things, but more specifically, I focused on the handful of loose/late papers that people submitted because in my mind were a higher priority.

I’ll continue updating tomorrow and through the weekend…

  • If you see nothing, no score under an assignment, that means I didn’t get to it yet.
  • If you see a zero or a score under 10 on any of the work, parents and students alike, this implies that the work was incomplete enough for me to start taking off points.
  • The answers that we went over in class were practically all wrong and never changed, corrected, or expanded upon…the assignment was late, submitted, but not graded just yet.
  • Lastly, you didn’t follow the instructions, you didn’t put in the strongest effort you are capable both in and outside of class into this particular piece (and I’m sure others as well since this is a serious assignment


In regards to reading/writing…

As I’ve stated already numerous times, regardless of subject, we have begun to escalate within the past 10 days or so the expectations that we have for ourselves in terms of written responses.  Again, we are done with listing facts, now we are taking things a step further to obtain a full score on our assignments.  Students know full well that their objective is to find the main idea (or ideas) regarding what they read on a given topic.  Develop a thesis statement – did you write down supporting details and facts that support the primary question that you are trying to answer in your short responses and essays?  Did you write a brief, approximately 2-3 paragraph summary about what you read in your reader’s notebooks, and finally, were there any major developments worth sharing w/ the class?

We are trying to have students tap into their higher order thinking skills, to their ability to ask questions beneath the surface, the obvious, and so that has been and will continue to be one of the many goals of ours for the rest of the year.  Thanks!


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