Gradebook Updated (12/27)

Almost completed, though I have noticed a pattern that students are largely ignoring their independent non-fiction note-taking assignments for Reading homework…many zeroes are piling up for a large contingent of students.

Much of what I’m grading now are assignments that were handed in late and so I’m jumping back and forth between subjects.  Lots of assignments with no names, lots of kids not doing the work as instructed, and a few assignments that I’m sure students forgot to hand in when I collected them, all things that we will clear up upon our return in January.

Again, I don’t have much left to grade so for the most part, what you’re seeing is what your child is on track of receiving.  I’ll allow time for things to be made up per usual, but honestly, responsibility should never allow things to get this far in the first place.  The constant makeups our students are becoming accustomed to receiving is not a healthy position to take, and so hopefully by Quarter 4 we won’t have kids asking about retakes before they even hand in their first copy of an assignment or Test.

Complete the tasks as instructed and hand in your work on time and you’ll always be successful in my class, there’s really no trick to it.  Keep checking the gradebook in the days ahead- I plan on being 100% finished by Friday.



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