Homework, January 5th, 2017

Social Studies- Due on Monday

***Attached below are copies of the worksheet pgs. 39-40 and textbook pages for Chapter 4, Lesson

***DOWNLOADChapter 4, Lesson 3, Textbook pages and Workbook pgs. 39-40

***DOWNLOAD 2: better copies of pgs. 151 and 153 … Clearer copies of pgs. 151 and 153

  • For Homework, students are to begin reading Chapter 4, Lesson 3, and taking our usual 3+ notes per section with a clearly stated 1-2 paragraph summary of your own thoughts on the information at the end. This passage/response should include your own personal thoughts and feelings on your notes from all of Lesson 3.  Remember, we are beyond simply listing facts without explaining their importance, we are beyond that low bar for learning, I want you to knock the information around in your brain, ask yourself questions about the Ancient Egyptians that you’d like to research on your own to discover the answers, the idea is that we take our note-taking a step further by comparing/contrasting Ancient Egypt w/ previous civilizations, pondering, for example, if we agree or even understand why the Egyptians practiced things like polytheism and mummification.   

Chapter 4, Lesson 3, The Middle Kingdom, pgs. 150-154

  • Complete the vocabulary definitions from Lesson 3
    • Civil war
    • Famine
    • Cost-benefit analysis (examples will be given in class)
  • Workbook pgs. 39-40
  • Review questions, pg. 154, #s 1-6
  • 3+ Notes on the following subtopics for a minimum of 9+ notes from Lesson 3
  • Reuniting the Kingdom, pg. 151
  • Trade, pg. 152
  • A Time of Invasion, pgs. 153-4

Hatshepsut, Biography, pg. 155

  • 3 notes minimum from this particular section as well as a short, 1 paragraph response based on the informational passage and what YOU think about her role in Ancient Egyptian society, etc. Your thoughts on female leaders?

THINK: Why do you think we’ve yet to have a female president in the US, for example, when much of the rest of the world has looked past gender (remember, Hatshepsut may have posed as a man during her reign, imagine the outside pressures she may have faced in the royal court?)

  • Explain the significance of Queen Hatshepsut as a ruler in Ancient Egypt within your response.


Math- Chapter 4, Lesson 2, Real-World Problems

  • 5A Workbook pgs. 141-142, #s 1-5 (practice word problems)
  • If you need extra help, use the IXL website and look up the 5th grade practice


Writing  find one current event article from the Internet or newspaper and write at least 3-5 paragraphs in the informational format.  Teach the class about the particular topic that you chose, make sure to include specific quotes, dates, geographic locations, and/or numbers/statistics in order to back up and support your thoughts and overall reasoning.  Make sure that you include the website/book that you found the information from, and if you have further questions, hopefully we can answer them during class tomorrow.

The idea is to look up something that you are curious about and then write about it in your own words.  Too many students on the midterm plagiarized directly from their books last week and so it’s imperative that we stop copying information from our non-fiction sources word for word without citations, rather, I’d like for you to put the facts you look up this evening in your own words.  For example, “how do you feel about the ancient Egyptian belief of polytheism and mummification?  Do you think these beliefs still apply to modern society today?  Why do you think a belief in an afterlife is so important for people?”  etc…

Tomorrow I’ll call on a few people to step up in front of the class in order to teach us about their topic.  Please use all the informational strategies we’ve learned thus far in order to help you write your short response.


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