Homework, 1/9/2017



Make sure that the homework from last week and the weekend is submitted.

Students do not have any new homework this evening other than to look over the Ancient Egypt Informational PowerPoint packet that I provided.  Please complete any missing assignments from the weekend and submit them asap.

Attached below are two links, one to the Ancient Egypt PowerPoint Presentation and a second link that provides more topics for the kids to choose from.  This evening, try and think of which topic you want to talk about in class.  You may begin taking notes on your presentation this evening (remember, 1 book, 2 websites).

DOWNLOAD: Ancient Egypt Power Point Instructions

DOWNLOADExtra Ancient Egypt Topic Ideas


Reading– 40 minutes in your independent non-fiction book tonight, take notes (at least 1 page) using the strategies that you’ve learned in class.  DO NOT JUST LIST FACTS if you want full credit, be sure to explain what YOU think the information.

  • 4 Wordly Wise worksheets (pgs. 1-4, apologies, it didn’t print double-sided)


Spelling Words for Quiz #8 on Friday

  1. accustom
  2. alert
  3. assign
  4. budge
  5. burly
  6. companion
  7. compatible
  8. concept
  9. distract
  10. jostle
  11. obedient
  12. obstacle
  13. patient
  14. pedestrian
  15. retire



Math– Fractions practice using the IXL website link below…


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