Gradebook Updated, 1/10/2017

Current as of this evening.  I haven’t input the notes, vocab, and review questions for Social Studies Chapter 4, Lesson 3, just yet, but that isn’t even listed on Net Classroom so what you see is what your child is missing.  If you are missing assignments, please check the blog for copies of the assignments first before asking for extra copies.

Students will have ample time to make up any assignments that are not too long overdue, but moving forward, the opportunities for makeups, or at least makeups that still earn high marks, that will change in the 2nd half of the year as the students will be held accountable because they are well aware of the high expectations we have for one another in our class.  I’ll be contacting individual parents over the weekend with specific concerns regarding students that are under-performing their own standards as well as any children that are in danger of failing- fortunately we don’t have too many in either camp.

Again, in about 30 minutes the gradebook will be updated through this evening.  I have yet another pile of work without names, so it’s up to the student to look through that stack if they see they are missing something on the gradebook but they ‘know they turned it in’.  Very rarely does anyone ever check the ‘No Name’ folder despite my attention drawn to it, so I hope that changes moving forward as well.

If you have any assignments that you forgot to submit, make sure that it finds it’s way into the green bin tomorrow.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!

***if you submitted an essay within the past week or so, I might still have to grade those…this might apply to 1-2 students.


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