Homework, 1/11/2017

Math 5A Reteach Worksheet pgs. 13-14 (handed out in class)

Make sure you simplify any fractions as well as turn any improper fractions into mixed numbers.


Reading– Spelling Quiz #8 on Friday

I am aware that the kids handed in the definitions on their Worldy Wise worksheets yesterday; I’m only going to Quiz them on the spelling (scroll down, the words are posted below).  If I can get the worksheets graded tonight after our game, I’ll return them tomorrow and maybe we can use the definitions for extra credit like we have before.


Writing– complete your 4-5 paragraph Obama Farewell speech reflection that you should have started in class today (if you took notes last night, than you should have started your essay in class…if you didn’t have time to take notes last night, I hope you did when we watched and discussed the speech today!)  If students are starting completely from scratch tonight, that means they were not doing their job in class today!

Below is a link to the transcript of his speech…

  • LINK– http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-obama-farewell-speech-transcript-20170110-story.html


Social Studies-

I’d like to continue w/ the sarcophagus project tomorrow as well as practice working on/researching for our PowerPoint presentations during class time.

  • Assignment due on FRIDAY.  We’ve discussed at length now how to include factual information in essay form, this assignment will be more practice on the concept.  
  • Read the following article posted below. Have the students set up a new page in their notebooks and properly label the page with the day’s date and the title of the newspaper article and the title of the assignment.
  • Hi-Lite, underline or write on separate paper w/ a proper heading 7+ notes on the reading above.
  • Read the above primary document from 1923 and write a short 4-5 paragraph reflection on the reading. Use dates, names, quotes, and geographic locations in your response, the basic tenets of non-fiction writing that we’ve been discussing all 2nd quarter.  Be sure not to plagiarize, put everything (except quotes) in your own words.
  • Who are the main people involved and when/where is this article set? Using ‘their’ words, what did they find?  What is the name of the newspaper that this original article was published in?  Why was the discovery of King Tut’s tomb so memorable and important not just to Egyptian history, but to world history in general?  What does Tut’s tomb tell us about the lives of Ancient Egyptians at that time?  What doesn’t it tell us? 

Think about these questions when writing your short 4-5 paragraph essay response and be sure to use your own words when citing information other than quotes


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