School Update, 1/12/2017

Dear PACS Families,


We have two important reminders for our Upper School families:

  • Maintaining good attendance is critical to academic success and ensuring the safety of all students. This includes timely arrival to all classes and homeroom periods. As reflected in our Code of Conduct, cutting class (including homeroom periods) and excessive lateness during the school day are both considered serious offenses. Any student found cutting, lingering in hallways/shared spaces after the class period has begun, or leaving class without proper authorization will be assigned to a Saturday Work Session without exception to make up for lost instructional time and, ideally, to reflect on ways they can better meet the very basic expectation of arriving to classes on time. As a reminder, our class periods are 48 minutes long; walking into a class five minutes late means a student has just lost more than 10% of their learning time in that subject. Please carefully review this policy with your child. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please email


  • Our Upper School Midterms begin next week. The schedule is as follows:

We will have our Math final on Friday, January 27th, the final day of the Quarter.  For the 5S exam, all the concepts from Chapters 1-4 will be fair game.

We will begin our general review the week of the 23rd, and I will post an update over the weekend with resources and practice problems so that students can be well-prepared for the assessment.  We’re going to try and have the test resemble the style of questioning seen on the state exam, and so the hope is that students will gain a sense of comfort and familiarity with what they have to do a couple of months from now.  

We’ve already had our Writing Assessment and I don’t plan on having anything more than the two final projects for History (sarcophagus and PowerPoint)- no need to try and force something that can be done in smarter ways early in Quarter 3.  Students will not have a Science exam simply because of the switch in teachers.  

If you have any other questions, just let me know, and keep an eye on the blog over the weekend for some testing resources.  Thanks!


The rest of the Upper School exam schedule is posted below in case you have another child in the school…

Wednesday, 1/18

  • Science, Grade 7
  • Science, Grade 8


Thursday, 1/19

  • Science, Grade 6
  • Social Studies, Grade 7
  • Social Studies, Grade 8


Friday, 1/20

  • Math, Grade 6
  • Social Studies, Grade 6


Monday, 1/23

  • Math, Grade 7
  • Math, Grade 8



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