Homework, 1/17/2017

Hi, I had two meetings after school and it completely slipped my mind to write the homework down.

For Reading, I don’t have the words memorized off the top of my head so if you copied them off the board, wonderful, you have a head start on the assignment (define the words, find 1 synonym and 1 antonym for each of the 15 terms).  If you were expecting them to be on the blog, it’s okay, I’ll give you plenty of time to make it up tomorrow.  Sorry about that.

Social Studies– I believe it was workbook pgs. 41-42 and not 42-43….either way, the pages only apply to Chapter 4, Lesson 4, pgs. 158-163 if you look at the bottom of the page (the one side of the paper has six names in the word box that you have to use more than once).  Use the textbook to help you find your answers.

I’ll post a physical copy of this assignment to the blog tomorrow night.


My apologies, I was a bit rushed today and so I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again.  For tonight, just do what you can do, read your independent non-fiction book if you don’t have the Spelling words, etc., just keep yourself busy…most importantly, make up any work you’re missing.



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