Homework, January 19th, 2017

Math-see website this evening for a Midterm update (I’ll update it around 7-8, latest)

Continue practicing in your 5A Math Workbook, pgs. 153-154, #s 9-16

ALSO complete pg. 155, word problems and short answers, #s 1-3


Writing– continue completing the rest of your non-fiction prompt from yesterday (scroll down below if you still need the link to the website)

Ultimately, you should have a 4-5 paragraph response written in a creative and interesting manner.  We’ll read some of the responses in class tomorrow and the essays will be kept in a file along w/ the majority of other written work.


Reading– Read your independent non-fiction book for about 40 minutes this evening

Properly label your paper w/ the date, title of the chapter, page numbers read, a short summary of what you read, any major plot developments, any questions you might have regarding what you just read, things you can look up on your own?  etc…Why are the specific notes you wrote down important in the first place?  You should have about 3/4 to a page full of notes for every assignment like this.  The notes are meant to jog your memory in between chapters, so be sure to be thorough!


History– continue researching and working on your Power Point/slideshow which is due next week!


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