Math Midterm Update

Hi, attached below is a 42 page comprehensive PDF packet that covers all the material that may appear on the January 27th Midterm, all the concepts from Chapters 1-4.  Because 5S is slightly ahead of 5C w/ the Math, our midterm will have a few more questions related to multiplying fractions and mixed numbers and possibly dividing fractions as well (if we get to it).


With review materials, we prefer to give more opportunities for practice than less; below I’m going to add links to numerous resources for each chapter as well, both the Reteach and Extra Practice worksheets for Chapters 1-4.  This work will not be collected or graded necessarily, however, students are expected to practice their skills using these attachments because the midterm questions will come directly from these pages (specifically the PDF posted above).

Tomorrow, Mr. Carr and I will post a letter to the parents with more detail explaining our expectations for our students- we’re well aware of the ups and downs the 5th grade has gone through the past few months, but I firmly believe that our students are more than capable of looking past the distractions and maintaining focus on the task at hand, in this case achieving great success to the best of their ability on the Math Midterm on the last day of quarter 2, Friday, January 27th.  Hopefully that will help to clear up any other questions that you may have.

Furthermore, tomorrow on this blog keep an eye out for practice materials specifically related to the PARCC Exam.  The style of questioning, how students can earn the full 4 points per question, etc., all of that will be covered during our review next week as well.  


Lastly, posted below are the links to the attachments mentioned above for Chapters 1-4, the Reteach and Extra Practice PDFs.

DOWNLOAD– below…:


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