Homework 1/25/17

  • Permission slips and payment are due tomorrow (if not submitted already!)
  • Collared shirts and jeans/nice pants for tomorrow.
  • Chaperons for tomorrow’s trip are Lauryn’s dad and Faith’s grandmother.


Math– 5A Workbook pgs. 158-161, Dividing Fractions, #s 10-17.  The first few problems you can solve by multiplying by the reciprocal, and with the word problems you do the same thing.  Make sure you set your work up properly; (HINT: if the answer does not sound reasonable, maybe you need to switch the order of your fractions!)


History/Writing Because half the class was not 100% prepared to present their slideshows, I gave everyone time in class today to put the finishing touches on their work.  All students from both classes that have yet to present will do so on Friday.


Reading-40 minutes of Free-Reading tonight (any book, doesn’t have to be non-fiction)

Properly label the book title, chapters and pages read, any tough words that you didn’t understand, key/interesting facts or details, and are there any new questions that you have?  Notes should be about a page long, minimum.

  • Spelling Quiz X on Friday (we skipped 9, I just wanted to type X :-), final Reading grade (aside from the Reading Level) for the marking period.  Students were given the words on Monday (posted below)
  • We will complete the rest of the Wordly Wise packet I gave out Monday, on Friday.


  • accurate
  • approximate
  • course
  • depart
  • despair
  • destination
  • deteriorate
  • gale
  • horizon
  • jubilation
  • navigate
  • nostalgia
  • revive
  • sever
  • voyage




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