Quarters 3-4 Homework Policy

As I’ve stated before, starting Quarter 3, the policy on late/missing assignments will change.  I will no longer take missing assignments 2 weeks after their posted due date.  That means the days of handing in missing work on the last day of the marking period are now over.

If students (and to a lesser extent parents) are not pulling their weight and checking the blog for attachments and other instructions (which is what I’ve been seeing) and Net Classroom for their grades (another issue), a loss of credit is more than appropriate by now.  I still, for example have some people asking me what the link to my website is even though it’s now February!

Late assignments handed in before the two week period is up will automatically lose some credit that students will not be able to make up.  The goal is to develop our 5th graders into more responsible and accountable young boys and girls so they won’t have as much anxiety about their assignments in the years ahead.  I believe firmly that they know how my system for collecting assignments works, but too many students try to take advantage of my kindness (and that of some parents at home) and so as I’ve been stating for weeks now, it’s about time to make a change for both classes.  Again, class/homework will not be accepted two weeks after the date it was assigned and thus a 0 will appear in the gradebook – students by then would have had ample time to get things completed and turned in.  

If you have any questions just let me know.  Lastly, final grades for Quarter 2 will be posted by the end of next week (if I get it done earlier, I’ll let you know via the blog).

These are not changes out of the blue, I’ve been commenting on them via the blog and in class for weeks now.  It’s the right thing to do and I hope that everyone is on board because this is the approach we need to take if we want our kids to get accepted and excel in the day/boarding/private schools our PACs students strive for during their time here.



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