Homework 2/2/2017

Permission Slips for the MET Museum are due by the 9th!

Current Events Tomorrow

Faith- 5S

Catherine- 5C


Reading– Please read the provided worksheet titled Text 1 and Text 2, articles regarding cell phone usage and other related issues to teens today.

Please make sure you take some good notes for tomorrow as we will use this assignment for part of our ‘Pre-Unit Assessment’.  Make sure to use all the strategies you’ve learned thus far and copy down any…

  • names, quotes
  • data, statistics
  • information that is relevant to the passage

DOWNLOAD: Persuasive Writing Text 1 and 2


Writing– come in tomorrow with an idea and information on an event or person for Black History Month.

It is the responsibility of the 5th grade to decorate our portion of the hallway- our theme for this year is “Hidden Figures, Unsung Heroes.”  Think about moments both past and present that are meaningful to the African American experience in this country.  Think about the names of important inventors, engineers, athletes (like the Baltimore Raven star John Urschel who we learned about today!), musicians, doctors, faith/community leaders, presidents?


Math- tomorrow we will receive our new 5B Text and Workbooks and begin with Chapter 8, Decimals


History– if you would like to get a head start, you may begin with Chapter 6, Lesson 2, notes and vocabulary (I will assign the review questions and workbook pages tomorrow).


Computer Science– homework due tomorrow




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