Field Trip Correction

Hi, I just wanted to clear up a mistake I made on the blog.

The field trip next week to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is on Wednesday, February 8th.  The date on the form that I sent home is correct, the date on the blog, however, is wrong.  

Permission slips therefore would be best received by Tuesday, February 7th.  If you bring it the day of the trip that’s fine as well of course, but in order to avoid last minute phone calls and whatnot, it’d be best to get things out of the way with at least 1 day of room.

If you would like to chaperon, we’re looking for at least 2-3 parents per class.  There’s only so many seats on the bus so we’ll have to play this on a first come first serve basis, so if you’re interested in helping us out next week, please let myself or Mr. Carr know via the permission slip form.  I have to double-check the receipt on Monday to see if the chaperons are included in the overall fee or if you have to pay extra like chaperons on the last trip did, so keep an eye on this space for that information.

If you have any other questions just let me know.  Thanks!


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