Homework, 2/6/2017

Spelling Quiz 11 on Friday, please have the definitions for the words written in your Reader’s Notebook by Friday before exam time, not after.

Our trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is on Wednesday, February 8th, and the fee for each student is $10.  I made the correction on the blog Saturday, sorry about that!.

Spelling Words for Quiz 11 below, definitions due Friday

  • available
  • bondage (i.e.slavery, Moses and the Israelites)
  • donate
  • establish
  • evade
  • liberate
  • numerous
  • occasion
  • oppose
  • prohibit
  • pursue
  • reassure
  • reluctant
  • superior
  • yearn


Math– tonight I would like you to try and review and work on the following…

  • Recall Prior Knowledge, notes, pgs. 2-4
  • Quick Check, pgs. 5-6, #s 1-20, complete the EVEN problems only.
    • Converting fractions to decimals is a skill we learned last quarter.  We’ll talk more about this tomorrow (kids had to rehearse for the play so we didn’t have Math today as planned, but there’s no reason why these 10 cannot be completed as none of these skills are completely foreign).


Writing– Do It Now! Worksheet, letter to the principal about school lunches.

Read the instructions on the page, answer the three questions with #3 being written in no less than 3 paragraphs.  Remember, to persuade someone you must convince them, so make sure that each paragraph contains a separate thought along with more specific ways that you will drive that point home.  


Social Studies  due Friday, latest (normally I’d collect it Wednesday but we have the trip and I would like to go over the answers w/ the class, first).

Chapter 6, Lesson 2, pgs. 212-217 

  • Vocabulary definitions (2 words)
  • 4+ notes per section (4 sections, 16 notes minimum)
  • Review questions #1-6 on pg. 217
  • Workbook pg. 58 (already distributed)

After Lesson 3, we will have our review and the students will take a more traditional assessment similar to the first exam they took for me in Quarter 1.


Reading– 40 minutes a night (if time allows), take notes in your Reader’s Notebook, approximately 1 page using the strategies we’ve talked about in class and that I write on the blog almost every evening.

  • I won’t be grading this particular assignment tomorrow as we have enough work this evening, but the goal is to try and read at least a little bit each night.  Tomorrow, students will be given Reading homework as a primary assignment.

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