Homework, 2/10/2017

  • The Black History Month project directions are posted below in a separate thread.  For Monday, please have ready which Option you would like to choose (or a different idea if you have a better one, just let me know). 
  • Current Events are suspended until Monday because we had a lot of absences today.


Math– 5B Workbook pgs. 1-3, #2-28 Evens


Reading– 45 minutes in your independent books, take at least 1 page of notes using the strategies that you’ve learned thus far…remember, don’t simply write a summary of what you read, try and incorporate quotes, character traits, key plot points, difficult words, etc.


Writing– Common Core English Workbook pgs. 193-207 (we started this in class).

Students were to read the excerpt from the Washington Irving story Rip Van Winkle and write a 5 paragraph (minimum) essay about the role of the characters in the story.  Please follow the guided instructions, pre-plan your thoughts and paragraphs, and put your ideas into paragraph form for Monday.  This is a rough draft.  

The actual question you are writing about is on the bottom of page 200.  I will be checking the Common Core Workbooks to make sure you planned your essays as well.


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