Homework, 2/14/2017

Black History Month Projects due at the end of the month…make sure you are working on them at home!  If you want to do something that’s not mentioned as on option, just let me know and I’ll try and accommodate!

  • Current Events upcoming…
    • Zahra- Wednesday
    • Jordan- Thurdsay
    • Jace- Monday


Reading- definitions for the Spelling Quiz are now due on Thursday

Spelling Quiz 12 on Thursday since we don’t have school on Friday.  See the words posted on Monday.


Social Studies– due on Thursday

You may begin working on the following…our Chapter 6 Test will be early next week once this assignment is completed and the material is reviewed.

Chapter 6, Lesson 3, Changes for Israel

  • Vocabulary words w/ definitions
  • 4 notes per section
  • Review questions #1-5 in complete sentences
  • Workbook pg. 61-62


Writing- none


Math- 5B Textbook pgs. 16-17, #s 7-23 ODD (we haven’t had Math in two days because of Testing, we will proceed with Lesson 8-2 tomorrow)



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